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How does PBLU work?

Making Projects Click. In PBLU, you can download projects and enroll in classes about Project Based Learning. The projects have been designed by BIE and its partners to allow you to focus mainly on how to implement a project rather than how to design one. The classes are developed and facilitated by BIE, and focus on project design, management and assessment.

Just like a Kickstarter project needs a minimum amount of funding for it to happen, our classes need a minimum number of people to enroll for the class to take place. If the minimum is not met by the deadline, the class will be cancelled.

Will PBLU continue to be free?

Sponsored classes will be offered. We will continue to offer sponsored classes that are free to participants, but they will have limited spaces available. In the future, there could be classes that have a nominal fee.

What are the terms of service for PBLU?

The Terms of Service are available here online.

What is the privacy policy for PBLU?

The Privacy Policy is available here online.

Are private online PBLU classes available for my school or district?

Yes. Simply send a request for services with BIE for private classes open only to your teachers.

Technical Support

How do I get to my profile page?

You must sign in to get the profile link at the top right of the website.

Where can I change my user information?

In your profile page, you can change your photo, email, screen name, first & last name and password.


What preparation should I do before the class starts?

  • Download and review the Class Overview for the class
  • Create a free teacher account on Edmodo
  • Add/update your First & Last name in My Profile

If the class mets minimum enrollment, how do I join the class once it starts?

A few days before the class official starts, an email will be sent out to those enrolled with information on how to join. The information will also be available on the class page and your profile page. Don't forget to sign in!

Where can I see the class(es) I'm enrolled in?

Your profile page will not only have your current enrollments, it will also have your class history.

Can I drop a class that I'm enrolled in?

In your profile page, click the drop link next to the class you'd like to drop in your current enrollments.

Is PBL Teacher Certification still offered?

PBL Teacher Certification will no longer be offered. We will no longer be offering the capstone class, How to Get PBL Teacher Certification. However, we will continue to offer Proof of Completion for one-week classes that could be used, if recognized, by your school district towards Professional Development (PD) credit.

Where can I download my Proof of Completion?

You can download a Proof of Completion via your Profile Page. Don't forget to sign in, then click the link next to the respective completed class.


Are there going to be more PBLU projects available?

New Projects will be added. We have been working with partner organizations to produce more projects. We plan on releasing new projects as they are finalized.

How can I check if I have the current version of a project?

In your profile page, you have can either download again or download the new version.

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