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Author: Kara Brown

What will my students be doing?

In the BizWorld project, students work in teams to form friendship bracelet companies by raising capital (not actual money, but in a scenario).

What's Included:

  • Project Overview
  • 8 Essential Elements of PBL
  • Sequence of the Project
  • Step-By-Step Teaching Guide
  • Student Handouts
  • Teacher Materials

Current Version: October 21, 2016

People start businesses every day, but how do they succeed? In BizWorld, students will understand what it means to be an entrepreneur.

In the BizWorld project, students work in teams to form friendship bracelet companies. They raise capital (not actual money, but in a scenario) by pitching to venture capitalists and selling stock and/or by taking out bank loans. The teams travel through the entire entrepreneurial cycle of designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling their bracelets. The project culminates with the Sales Bazaar, at which students perform commercials they have created for an audience of schoolmates and community members, and sell their wares. Throughout the project, students maintain careful financial records, which help in the end to evaluate each company’s value.

Project Notes

  • Subjects: ELA, Math
  • Grade Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th
  • Common Core Aligned
  • Time Required: 10-15 Hours

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The BizWorld Foundation was founded in 1997 by venture capitalist Tim Draper, who saw a need for inspiring entrepreneurship in children. The BizWorld program originated directly from his own daughter, Jessie, who one day asked Tim what he did at work. Instead of simply explaining his job, Tim created BizWorld, went into Jessie’s classroom, and taught it for the first time. Since then, The BizWorld Foundation has reached nearly 400,000 students and helped them to develop the critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills that allow them to become responsible and productive members of society. It envisions a world where children are given the tools they need to pursue their dreams and become part of the next generation of innovators.
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Student Assessments

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Student Work

Willem Demo
One student demonstrates the manufacturing process. view photo »
Bagging Customers
A student showcases his bracelet to potential customers at the Sales Bazaar. view photo »
Pazzazz Marketers
Pazzazz Bracelets creates a unique marketing campaign. view photo »
Money Matters
One employee fills out his Income Statement and Balance Sheet. view photo »
Sales Bazaar
An employee of Rainbow Rists prices and lays out bracelets for the Sales Bazaar. view photo »

Project Documents

Project Author

The BizWorld.org is a non-profit organization that inspires children to be innovative leaders through the teaching of business, entrepreneurship, and finance.  The three BizWorld programs (BizWorld, BizMovie, and BizWiz) teach students these concepts while encouraging 21st Century Skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

The main author of the BizWorld PBL unit is Kara Brown, Education Manager at BizWorld.org.  This unit has been adapted from the BizWorld program.  Kara is a former middle school English teacher who holds teaching credentials in both California and Texas.  She received both her B.A. in English and Spanish and her M.A. Teaching from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.