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The Comic Relief Project

What will my students be doing?

Students in groups of four will create a four-page comic and supporting personal essay that highlights a current event from the news headlines of today.

What's Included:

  • Project Overview
  • 8 Essential Elements of PBL
  • Sequence of the Project
  • Step-by-Step Teaching Guide
  • Student Handouts
  • Teacher Materials

Current Version: January 10, 2018

Students are saturated with news stories that aim to sensationalize the truth. In the Comic Relief Project, students will be tasked with examining these stories critically and interviewing a member of the community about their perspective.

Students will then take an excerpt from the interview and create a four-page comic. By reinterpreting news stories into comics, students will demonstrate understanding, compassion, and empathy to the interviewees as well as the participants in the original news story.

Project Notes

  • Subjects: ELA
  • Grade Level: 9th
  • Common Core Aligned
  • Time Required: 15-30 Hours
  • CC BY

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Illustration is one of the most basic forms of communication known. Before we speak, we see and understand symbols through their abstract visual forms. When combining pictures with words we increase our ability to communicate ideas, emotions, and concepts. Studies have shown an increase in literacy and expression when students work with comic book illustration.

Project Documents